Tazio Nuvolari Museum

Last update 1 February 2023

via Giulio Romano (on the corner with via N. Sauro)


Ticket office and information

Phone: +39 0376 325691

Website: Tazio Nuvolari Museum


Public Transport

From Piazza Sordello (A) you can travel on APAM lines: 12/ 4T/ 6 / Te Shuttle Service
From the railway station (B) you can travel on APAM lines: 8 / 5

All APAM buses are equipped with a lifting platform and there is a voice announcement service for stops on urban routes. At the moment, in order to receive adequate assistance, notification of the intention to use the service is required no later than two working days before use.

For further information, please visit: APAM - Servizi per la mobilità

By car

There are several parking areas near the museum, including reserved parking spaces (marked on the map).



Entrance to the building

The entrance to the museum is the same for all users. The presence of an entrance lobby with two doors increases the manoeuvring space for those using mobility aids, given the limited space on the pavement in front of it.

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Ticket office

The reception desk is accessible by wheelchair users.

Visitor route

The main visitor route is on the ground floor, with adequate passageways free from architectural barriers. The shape of the exhibition stands may make it difficult for some users to have an adequate view of the exhibits. There is a gallery area that is not accessible.

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The toilets are accessible by people with disabilities (as indicated by law).

Additional facilities

There are no additional facilities and there are no services to facilitate knowledge of the church by blind and visually impaired